Our ambitions as a company.

Our mission, vision and values are what drives us forward as a business and ensures we deliver consistently to our clients, across the board, enabling us to work to one common goal and achieve the greatest success possible.


We strongly believe in operating to the highest standard  possible whilst ensuring we are open, honest and transparent at all times. With a strong set of morals and ethical principles, we ensure that we build trust with our clients, affiliates and brokers.


We are experts in our field. Through careful analysis and stringent processing, we ensure we have the right strategies and skill set to deliver the most probable results.

Fantastic service! Been with other EA’s and the professional service offered here is above and beyond. Been making money from the get go. Haven’t had a losing day to date.
— Ivan
All i can say about the service of these guys is that i have retired at 18. Im earning my monthly wage at my old job per day now. Ive got a £95,000 Balance and making 1% on average per day.

How can I benefit from Prophet? 


Our main aim is to create financial freedom for all those involved with Prophet.


The Forex markets are ever changing and can be hard to navigate without correct guidance. Our team members are contactable at any time of day with any queries.



We all have varying aspirations; but we know all of our members have drive above all else.


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We are always happy to answer questions, we know that we can't cover every question and answer on here. Please drop us a message and a member of the team will get in contact as quickly as possible.  

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